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Bortin (Bromocriptin). 2.5mg x 10tabs


Bromocriptin 2.5mg 10 tablets

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Bromocriptine is a dopamine agonist drug (meaning it acts like dopamine in the brain), primarily activating the dopamine D2 receptors. It"s main use is for the treatment of high prolactin, Parkinson"s disease, and acromegaly; it was also used by bodybuilders in the 80"s for it"s GH releasing properties. However, it"s metabolic effects are far greater than that. Lately however, bromocriptine has gained prominence particularly on the World Wide Web as a weight loss agent. In genetically obese rats, bromocriptine normalizes metabolism and there are many good reasons to think it will do the same in humans. Bromocriptine has use during dieting (to minimize the negative adaptations), muscle gain when very lean, and may be beneficial post-steroid cycle. It may also be useful for diabetes treatment and may have pro-sexual effects.

If it is Nolvadexa or Arimidex alone, it can not suppress only estrogen.

If it is progesterone derived from deca or train, it needs to be suppressed with Parodel (bromocriptine).

Bromocriptine also has an effect of promoting growth hormone secretion, so it is also used as an anti-aging medicine.

1 tablet daily (if you feel sick, take it before sleeping or break one tablet, take it in several divided doses)

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