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GLY-CORAMIN DROPS(Nikethamide 125mg/mlx60ml)(Spicy Potion)


GLY-CORAMIN DROPS(Nikethamide 125mg/mlx60ml)(Spicy Potion)

*Store at a room temperature*

Nikethamide stimulates the central nervous priority on bulbar, especially on the respiratory center and circulation, increased respiratory rate, increased CO2 sensitivity of the respiratory center, increasing myocardial contractility, heart rate .


- Treatment of the access circuit cases, shock, circulatory failure, infant choking, breathing and circulation is impaired while suffering from severe infections.

- Evidence of heart failure in the elderly disadvantages, people with depression.

- Emergency for the case of carbon oxide poisoning, the barbituric ...


1time 125mg(1ml) Maximum 1day 1250mg(10ml)


Which is better to use: Liquid products vs. Tablet products?

This debate has been raging in online bodybuilding communities for years. There are those who believe that Anabolics tabs/capsules are less effective and more likely to cause side effects than liquid drops or injectable forms.

Does this argument hold any truth? Research suggests that the side effects are largely the same whether you are using liquid forms or tablets and pills.

Oral Liquid are much easier to administrate and are absorbed in the blood stream better and quicker. This makes the medication work faster and allows for a longer response period.

If you don`t like the taste put in to Orange juice.
Or using empty capsules size 000 can fit a ml.

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