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Methyltestosterone 5g Powder


Methyltestosterone 5g Powder

There is no problem with the ejaculation time, but I want to restore the decline of the erectile power. Please paint "Methyltestosterone gel" on the scrotum.
Compared with the days when I was young, I am clearly aware of it, I am troublesome to do anything, I do not concentrate so vaguely every day, maybe the men's menopause?

When the balance of the male hormones collapses, mental and physical modulation occurs. In methyltestosterone gel, methyltestosterone (male hormone) absorbed into the body from the soft part of the skin helps prevent and restore menopausal disorder in menopause and postmenopausal years.

As a method of use, mix it with 70% DMSO gel containing Aloe vera and use it.

Commercial products are low in content and low in effect

And it is expensive. If there is raw material, things with high effect are produced,

It is recommended to use it at 20% concentration so far.

Approximately 1 month with 2 g of methyl testosterone and 8 g of DMSO gel.

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