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Dihydrotestosterone(DHT) 5g Powder


Dihydrotestosterone(DHT) 5g Powder

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a metabolite of testosterone that’s recommended by some SRS surgeons to encourage genital growth in transgender men. DHT can be topically applied in a transdermal cream, but is not to be confused with testosterone cream or testogel/androgel. DHT is at least three times more potent as an androgenic compound and is therefore the preferred choice for FTM genital growth.

DHT plays a vital role in virilization. When a trans man injects testosterone, his body converts some of it into DHT. It influences facial and body hair growth, voice changes, sex drive, and growth of muscle and genital tissue. Unlike other androgens, DHT cannot be converted to estradiol, and it’s not anabolic, so it doesn’t build up in tissues, muscles and bones.

DHT for Dick Growth

For genital growth, for commmercial products 10% DHT concentration, non-alcoholic cream is desired. A typical dosage is 20 mg administered three times a day. Rub the cream onto the glans, shaft and foreskin; it absorbs quickly. A typical length of treatment is three months.

Topical DHT shouldn’t drastically affect blood pressure or testosterone levels, but it may be a good idea to get blood work done while you’re using DHT. Observe your moods and adjust your testosterone dosage if required.

How to use:
DHT is mixed with 70% DMSO gel containing Aloe vera.

Commercially available products are low in content, low in effect, and high in quality. If raw materials are available, things with high effect can be made, we have recommended 20% concentration to use.

About 1 month with DMSO gel 8 g to DHT 2 g.

Dihydrotestosterone gel is for external use only. It has to be applied to the necessary skin area after washing well. The gel should be allowed to dry for 5 minutes before dressing.

1. Wear gloves
2. Unfold the required area equally.
3. Leave for 5 minutes
4. Prepare a damp kitchen paper for the next dose, remove the gloves and wash with warm soapy water ready for the next dose

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