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NIKETHAMID 250mg x 10ml/Vial


NIKETHAMID 250mg x 10ml/Vial 

Nikethamide stimulates the central nervous priority on bulbar, especially on the respiratory center and circulation, increased respiratory rate, increased CO2 sensitivity of the respiratory center, increasing myocardial contractility, heart rate .


- Treatment of the access circuit cases, shock, circulatory failure, infant choking, breathing and circulation is impaired while suffering from severe infections.

- Evidence of heart failure in the elderly disadvantages, people with depression.

- Emergency for the case of carbon oxide poisoning, the barbituric ...


muscle injection, intravenous or subcutaneous
- Adult: 1-2 ml(250-500mg) / times. It is possible to customize tube 8ml(2000mg).

Store in a dry, cool place, away from light.

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