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Mibolerone Acetate(EVOLIX) 2mg x 10ml


Mibolerone Acetate 2mg x 10ml

Mibolerone Acetate
2mg / ml 10ml Vial

Anabollc/AndrogenicRatio:: 590:250

The Most Strongest Androgen Anabolics !!!

Under the brand name "Cheque Drops", Mibolerone was marketed as a veterinary drug by the Upjohn company.
EVOLIX make new version of Cheque Drops this product name is Mibplerone Acetate.

Mibolerone is a potent anabolic steroid which is both higher affinity and more selective for the androgen receptor than methyltrienolone.

Cheque Drops (Mibolerone) is an oral anabolic androgenic steroid derived from the anabolic steroid Nandrolone. Specifically, this is a structurally altered form of Nandrolone. Cheque drops exist by adding a methyl group to the 7th and 17th position of the Nandrolone hormone. The added methyl group at the 7th position increases the hormone’s androgenicity and prevents the action of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. The added methyl group at the 17th position protects the hormone’s oral ingestion. This classifies Cheque Drops as a C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa) anabolic steroid.           

Cheque Drops are highly estrogenic. This anabolic steroid can cause a massive amount of aromatase activity. It is also a very strong progestin. However, it is rarely used for long periods of time or at doses that allow the estrogenic properties to be seen. It is due to the low amounts used that the anabolic effects are almost never seen. It would take upwards of 5mg per day to see a true anabolic effect that would in all likelihood produce significant estrogenic activity. Such doses would also come with horrific side effects and consequences.

Mibolerone carry a half-life of approximately 3 hours.
Mibolerone can have the one of the strongest, negative impacts on liver enzymes of all C17-aa steroids.
Liver values will increase dramatically and a lot of strain will be placed on the liver.
EVOLIX has developed a formulation that leads to resolution and make new products ‘‘Mibolerone Acetate‘‘

Mibolerone Acetate has enabled the long half-life by acetate esterification.
By an injection, you can avoid the pharmacokinetic the First pass metabolism.

First pass metabolism can occur in both the gut and the liver, and where this happens can vary with different drugs. First pass metabolism actually occurs in your gut for some drugs and in the liver for others. Once it has been metabolized, it enters the bloodstream. It’s important to note that when a blood is metabolized in the Gastrointestinal tract, the blood leaving the Gastrointestinal tract does not go right to the heart, but actually still passes through liver via the hepatic portal vein and then ultimately returns to circulation via the hepatic vein. The liver is your body’s filtration unit, and removes large quantities of nutrients, dangerous toxins (or fun toxins, depending on what they are) and other substances from the blood.

So as you can see, when you take an oral steroid undergoes a first-pass metabolism in the both the intestines as well as liver. Some drugs can be absorbed more or less totally intact, after only moderate metabolic activity, while some are absorbed only after very extensive metabolic activity. Once it is through this first pass, a given drug then circulates in the blood until it is acquired by another tissue, such as skeletal muscle. Now, if the drug reaches the liver again, it may undergo what is cleverly known as “second-pass” metabolism.

So Mibolerone Acetate will have long haif-life and less negative impacts to your Liver and more effective foum in your body.

One day 1time injection take 0.5-5mg/day.

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