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Here's an quick overview of why it hurts, and some suggestions for how to make your next injections less painfull. Every juicer has experienced this at some point.. the Sustanon strut.. the Propinate peg leg... and the list goes on. Often the soreness will last up to a week and end up effecting your workout and often your whole lifestyle. So what's up? Why does it hurt and what can I do to lessen the pain? Below is a quick explination. Why it hurts: It's simple.... you're causing muscle trama. This often causes swelling of the muscle which will make matters worse. You cause muscle trama from an injection in a few different ways. Let's look at how we're causing this trama. 1) Big ole hole in your muscle! Obviously a needle is going to damage your muscle as it cuts a hole often a inch or deeper into your muscle. Usually this is the least of your worries/pain. 2) Forceing a bunch of oil into your muscle. Believe it or not, mother nature didn't design our muscles with the consideration that we'd be forcing a bunch of oil into them. The oil spreads the muscle fibers apart which causes muscle trama. 3) Benzyl Alcohol. This is what's used to disolve the steroid into the oil suspension. Your muscles don't particularly like this stuff. So what can we do to lessen the pain? 1) Massage the muscle/injection site well after your injection. This helps to spread the oil out evenly throughout your muscle causing less trama to any 1 particular part of the muscle. 2) Warm up your gear! Run your syringe under hot water for a couple of minutes. Heating the oil makes it thinner which again will help to allow it to spread out evenly throughout your muscle. 3) Cut your steroid with a less painful steroid, STERILE oil, or even Sterile Vitamin B12 oil. This will help dilute the concenration of Benzyl Alcohol. MAKE SURE IT'S A STERILE OIL!!!! 4) More injections of less steroid. It's not the needle that causes post injection pain, it's the steroid. Often splitting up your 3cc dose into 2 x 1.5cc injections will make life much less painfull. 5) Inject SLOWLY! The slower the better. This helps to allow some of the oil to move away from the injection site on it's own. The more you force the oil into the muscle, the more the muscle fibers near the injection site are going to be forced apart (causing muscle trama) to accomadate the oil. 6) Try to keep a steady hand. The tip of the needle is like a razor blade inside your muscle, the more you move it around, the more it's going to cut up your muscle. Notes: -Your muscles will often get "used" to injections. Most juicers report that each injection gets a little easier and less painful (up to a point) -A "stronger steroid" will have more Benzyl Alcohol in it than a weaker steroid. Ie) 200mg/ml Propinate will have twice as much Benzyl Alcohol in it than 100mg/ml propinate. Hence, the stronger steroids will ofter cause more post injection pain. -Every juicer's body responds differently to gear. Something that was painful to you may cause no pain for someone else or vice versa.

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