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pentadecapeptide BPC 157 5mg/Vial + 2ml water ample


pentadecapeptide BPC 157 5mg/Vial + 2ml water ample

BPC-157 is a peptide chain consisting of 15 amino acids. It is considered synthetic because this particular sequence does not exist in nature. It is derived from a protective protein found in the stomach.

Researchers have conducted numerous rodent studies on BPC-157 that show it has protective effects extending beyond the stomach and intestinal tract. BPC-157 has been shown to benefit ulcers in the stomach, intestinal damage such as fistulas and inflammatory disorders, bone and joint healing and growth rates, and organ damage. It also has some influences on the brain. Researchers have observed marked protective effects when BPC-157 is administired to rats alongside a research toxin or damaging surgical procedure.

More research is needed to clarify whether BPC-157 has multiple mechanisms of action, but current research suggests BPC-157 influences several growth factors usually involved in angiogenesis (the production of blood vessels) and other factors involved in regeneration following damage.

BPC-157 shows promise, but human studies are needed to demonstrate that these benefits extend beyond research animals.

BPC 157 in bodybuilding

Granulation tissue is the primary characteristics of healing, collagen production and angiogenesis. The BPC 157 helps angiogenesis, which is in the vessel formation. Though used widely in bodybuilding it can be particularly beneficial to bodybuilders who are older. The peptide is known to have the ability to heal muscles that are injured & also help in re attaching bone and muscle to tendon. The nagging pains and aches, which is very often experienced by older bodybuilders, can be managed by this product because it is able to repair and strengthen the connective tissues, which are the ligaments and tendons. Many heavy lifters, personally, found that this supplement was effective in eliminating quickly and diminish significantly the long term injuries of the soft tissues. Although not mandatorily applicable directly to the objectives or goals of any particular bodybuilder, it is also been known to show a protective impact on variety of organs as well as help in the prevention & healing of ulcers in the stomach. As compared to many numerous drugs that need indefinite treatment to continue having the positive effects, the effects are actually permanent. To obtain long term and significant benefits of BPC 157, one must complete 4 to 6 weeks cycle.

Effects of BPC 157 in bodybuilding

The side effects of are argued by many to be none. However, there are anecdotal reports of few, where they said to have experienced sickness and headaches initially for the first day.


There are numerous researches on BPC 157, which shows that the product is effective systematically if taken or injected once every day at anywhere starting from 1 to 10mcg per kilogram of the body weight. In the majority of cases, this emerges as a dose starting anywhere from the 200mcg to 800mcg. Some reported that the most successful dosing twice each day with the 250-350mcg for a total of the 500-700mcg each day.

It is quite clear that there is variability among users in the dosage recommendations.


It can be injected (subcutaneously or intramuscularly) or just be taken orally. Subcutaneous injection is a convenient, pain-free and a very easy method that has to be done close to the affected area. On the other hand, the intramuscular injection is comparatively a more painful & teeth-gritting method that is sometimes compared to getting stabbed in the muscle that is closest to the injury. It is rather more convenient and easier to just spray the BPC 157 into the mouth orally. The administration of the BPC 157, orally, is actually quite straightforward. One just has to spray the supplement into the mouth, very slowly, and then has to hold the BPC 157 in his/her mouth for 90 to 120 seconds and then just swallow.

The subcutaneous injections are relatively simple provided one has no problem with needles. One can either first pinch a skin’s area near or around the site of injury & then inject the needle, or can take help from someone or just angle that needle in such a way that the needle slips under the unpinched skin (for instance, in the case of an elbow). One should remember to clean the BPC 157’s rubber stopper with alcohol swab & also clean the infected area with the alcohol swab as well.

The intramuscular injections can be easily considered as the toughest. Much like subcutaneous injections it also involves cleaning of the infected area and rubber stopper. However, in this case, one must stab the needle entirely through skin & into muscle as close as possible to the affected and painful area.

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