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FTPP / ADIPOTIDE 2mg+ 2ml Injection solvent ample


FTPP Fat (Targetted Proapoptotic Peptide) ADIPOTIDE 2mg/vail+ 2ml Injection solvent ample

Will Adipotide Help You to Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight, the peptide-like formula known as Adipotide may be exactly what you°«re looking for. This peptide is classified as an experimental peptodomimetic and it was created in the USA in order to help people battle obesity. This ultra-modern weight loss treatment has been tested on rhesus monkeys. Many people believe that this peptide is the future of simple and stress-free weight loss. Adipotide is often described as a peptide – however, it is not a peptide. Adipotide is a peptodomimetic and it differs from a peptide in that it is made from small chains of matter (this matter is similar to protein). These chains are meant to simulate the performance of peptides. During tests, rhesus monkeys which were injected with this ultra-modern peptodomimetic decreased their overall body weight by eleven percent. Adipotide decreased the body mass index, waist circumference and fatty deposits of lab monkeys.

How Does Adipotide Work?

This formula must be injected and it works by killing fat cells. When fat cells die, there is a decrease in volume within subcutaneous fat. This triggers weight loss. With Adipotide, cells are killed selectively, in a programmed fashion. They die because they are deprived of vital nutrients. This formula works by destroying blood supply which contributes to fat cell growth. The process of targeted induction (Apoptosis), which kills cells, is the primary mechanism by which Adipotide supports weight loss. This 'peptide' has a couple of domains, both of which function separately in order to combat obesity. The first domain is a homing domain and it works by targeting a membrane-associated protein which is known as Prohibitin. The homing domain works on adipose vascular endothelial cell matter. The second domain is a membrane-disrupting domain, which causes cell death by stopping or inhibiting mitochondrial membrane activity within targeted cells. By keeping some fat cells from getting the nutrition that they need in order to stay alive, via the blood stream, this peptide-like formula provides quick weight loss results. While rhesus monkeys are the only test subjects to date, this experimental formula does hope to human subjects. Monkeys who received Adipotide daily via injections experienced rapid and sustainable weight loss results. These test subjects lost twenty-percent of stomach fat within twenty-eight days. Some monkeys lost thirty-nine percent of their overall body fat, while others lost less. When fat cells in monkeys were killed with Adipotide, they were then metabolized by the body. Monkeys were treated with the drug for twenty-eight days and then underwent a twenty-eight day recovery period. For this reason, long-term weight loss results in rhesus monkeys are not available. However, short-term results do look promising. This formula is designed to promote weight loss and this benefit has been confirmed via pre-clinical studies. As well, it offers hope to diabetics, as studies show that it reduces side effects of diabetic health conditions. Adipotide features an innovative mechanism when compared to other therapeutics which are available in the marketplace (or which are undergoing clinical trials). Since Adipotide works without triggering psychological symptoms, it doesn°«t cause modulation of neurotransmitter matter. As well, it doesn°«t have an amphetamine-type mechanism. Men and women who utilize Adipotide may therefore access benefits without a high risk of gastrointestinal side effects.

Side Effects of Adipotide

Rhesus monkeys displayed high energy levels and general vitality while they were being treated with this peptide-like formula. They didn°«t demonstrate any gastrointestinal discomfort or lose their appetites during therapy with Adipotide. This lack of negative side effects is in contrast to that of many approved drugs which minimize the absorption of lipids within the intestines.
However, this formula did appear to act on the kidneys. Negative impact on renal function was found to be reversible by altering dosage amounts. None of the test monkeys suffered from long-term kidney damage, as researchers adjusted their dosages in order to improve renal function. The main problem experienced by rhesus monkeys, with regard to renal function, was the growth of compact kidney lesions which might have the capacity to cause kidney failure if they weren°«t treated. This formula may also trigger dehydration. Dehydration is a factor in kidney failure and also has the capacity to trigger an array of other health problems.

Bodybuilders Are Interested in Adipotide

Bodybuilders typically have a lot of experience with peptides and they have particular interest in this one. They know from experience that peptides are powerful formulas which allow them to change their bodies with a mind to accessing an assortment of results, from faster muscle mass growth to superior fat-burning power to optimal muscle recovery. As well, peptides may help bodybuilders to avoid the negative side effects of anabolic steroid cycles. For this reason, many bodybuilders are interested in trying out this peptide-like formula as soon as they can. Some have already experimented with synthed versions of the formula, with mixed results. During the cutting phase of bodybuilding, when men and women need to reduce body fat without losing muscle, a formula such as Adipotide could provide practical benefits. Most interested parties are waiting for results from clinical studies which planned for human subjects, in order to see how Adipotide acts on human bodies. Planned studies for this peptide-like formula include a study which will measure the benefits of Adipotide as a cancer treatment and a study which will be focused on determining the weight loss properties of this injectable.
Adipotide is a new formula and more research on human subjects will be needed before it°«s made available to those who want to explore its weight loss and secondary health advantages.

The authors of the Science paper calculate the estimated dose for humans in supplementary table 8 based on surface area vs theraputic dose in mice, monkeys, and extrapolated to humans. They calculate that the human dose will be 0.28 mg per kg per day.
The estimated dose for humans is 280 ug per kg per day. If you weigh 100 kg then you will need 28 mg per day. You will probably need to take the treatment at least 30 days, so this works out to 840 mg for the treatment (28 x 30). If you order 840 mg and want to inject 1 ml of solution per day (1 ml is a convenient amount to inject subcutaneously) then you should dissolve the 840 mg in 30 ml of saline and inject 1 ml per day.

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