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FTPP / ADIPOTIDE 5mg+ 2ml Injection solvent ample


FTPP / ADIPOTIDE 5mg+ 2ml Injection solvent ample

FTTP (Fat Targeted Proapoptotic Peptide):

Fat Targeted Proapoptotic Peptide is the newest and one of the most fascinating anti-obesity drugs to enter the market in years. Over the last decade we have seen various products enter the marketplace, but in almost all cases, each new product worked to cause fat loss through previously existing pathways. Proapoptotic peptide presents itself as the first compound in quite some to attack obesity through a completely new and unique mechanism. Proapoptotic peptide works by targeting the vasculature of existing white fat cells, essentially cutting off their blood supply, which leads to fat cell death and subsequent weight loss.

Adipose tissue is highly vascularized, with multiple capillaries coming in contact with each adipocyte (fat cell). This direct and extensive relationship suggests that the maintenance of white fat is highly dependent on the presence of a regular blood supply. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to assume that cutting off the blood supply to white fat could result in adipose tissue ablation. This is exactly what researchers wanted to find out. So, they proceeded to create a peptide ligand which would bind to the receptors in white fat vasculature, while effectively delivering the proapoptotic sequence responsible for fat cell death.

While this research took place in mice, the results were extremely impressive. In just 4 weeks, the mice receiving the peptide lost 30% of their bodyweight and over 70% of their existing fat mass. Needless to say, such an extreme reduction in the percentage of white fat goes far beyond what humans have witnessed with other fat loss drugs.

Please keep in mind that rats used in the study above were administered doses that would be considered comparatively massive by current human standards. This is entirely due to the cost of the peptide. Most people would find using doses equivalent to the rat study to be cost-prohibitive. With results appearing to be dose dependent, the dosage administered will largely affect the rate at which fat cells are removed from the body. Therefore, while a larger dose will bring about a more speedy response, lower dosages will still garner positive results, although at a slower pace. Within this peptide’s current price range, most users will find the best balance of cost & effectiveness to come by way of moderate dosages administered for several months. Due to this peptide’s recent release onto marketplace and with ErgoPep currently being the sole provider, user experience and subsequent feedback is currently very limited. However, it seems appropriate to anticipate that we will soon learn how to optimally apply this drug in humans, providing us with reliable direction and allowing this peptide to take up its rightful place among the world of fat loss drugs.

Common benefits of Proapoptotic Peptide include:

* Fat loss: Proapoptotic peptide is purely a fat loss drug. Fat cells are not emptied of their contents; they are permanently removed.

Common side effects of Proapoptotic Peptide include:

* None yet reported.

Recommendations for use:

One cycle period should be 28 days (4 weeks)

* The lowest line of the average dose per day is 1 to 5 mg / day.
The usual usage is 15 mg / day.
For reliable results, an intake of 0.28mg / kg is required.
* Frequency of injection is intake by subcutaneous injection once a day.
* Method delivery is by sub-Q injection once daily.

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