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Tugain (Minoxidil )(Cipla)10% 60ml (Expired Products)


Tugain (Minoxidil )(Cipla)10% 60ml (Expired Products)

This product have passed over the expiration date.
We sell at a bargain price only towards those who can understand.

Any DHT that does find it's way to your scalp, you can likely inhibit with the suggested Azelaic Acid( Aziderm-20%)and Minoxidil formula(Tugain 10 Solution)

TUGAIN 10% SOLUTION 60ML has the following salts in its composition 1) Minoxidil Uses Of TUGAIN 10% SOLUTION 60ML

Uses Of Salt: Minoxidil

To stop hair fall, baldness, especially amongst males under 40.

Minoxidil is a topical solution used for treating male pattern hair loss. Its active ingredient Minoxidil can immensely help the stimulation of growth of new hair and also slow down the loss of hair. Minoxidil acts by dilating blood vessels. By enhancing the diameters of these vessels, Minoxidil decreases the pressure of blood flow by releasing nitric oxide, a commonly known vasodilator.

Side Effects Of TUGAIN 10% SOLUTION 60ML

Side Effects Of Salt: Minoxidil

Abnormal hair growth on the face (of women), skin rashes, headache.

Contraindications Of TUGAIN 10% SOLUTION 60ML

Contraindications Of Salt: Minoxidil

Please inform your doctor if you have any of the following diseases:

•Eczema, infection, cuts of the scalp
•Heart problems like chest pain, heart attack,
•Kidney disease
What Is Hair fall, Alopecia

• Hair loss, also called alopecia or baldness, means a loss of hair from part of the body or head. The severity of hair loss may vary from a small area to the entire body. Typically scarring or inflammation is not present. Hair loss may cause psychological distress in some people.
• Common types of hair loss are male-pattern hair loss, alopecia areata, female-pattern hair loss, and a thinning of hair known as telogen effluvium.

Symptoms Treated With TUGAIN 10% SOLUTION 60ML

What Are The Symptoms Of Hair fall, Alopecia

• Gradual thinning of hair.
Causes of diseases where TUGAIN 10% SOLUTION 60ML is used

What Are The Causes Of Hair fall, Alopecia
• Male-pattern hair loss may be caused by a combination of genetic factors and male hormones.
• The cause of alopecia areata is autoimmune diseases.
• The causes for female pattern hair loss are not clear.
• The cause of is telogen effluvium (common following pregnancy) is mostly a psychologically or physically stressful event.
Worst Foods With TUGAIN 10% SOLUTION 60ML

What Are The Worst Foods For Hair fall, Alopecia
• Processed foods
• Full-fat dairy products
• Sugar
• Red meats
• Coffee, tea, chocolate and cola drinks.
• Such foods decrease the nutrients in the body and raise adrenal levels. This results in a chain of reaction of producing more androgen, causing hair loss.

Do's With Usage of TUGAIN 10% SOLUTION 60ML

What Are The Things One Should Do To Manage Hair fall, Alopecia
• Take hot oil treatment- olive, coconut, and canola.
• Keep your scalp clean.
• Let the hair dry naturally. Avoid using a hair dryer.
• Eat iron rich food. Add protein, minerals in your diet.
• Find out the causes of hair loss, which may include hormonal or nutritional deficiencies, such as low iron, or low protein
• Thyroid problems or the reason could be genetic. Change your diet as per the cause identified.
• Switch your shampoos.
• Getting 7 hours of sleep, one glass of water every hour and eating protein rich foods can reduce hair loss by up to 80%. Hair is made up of minerals which only water can provide.
• Attend to dandruff as soon as you get it. Prolonged dandruff also leads to hair loss.

Dont's With Usage Of TUGAIN 10% SOLUTION 60ML

What Are The Things One Should Avoid To Manage Hair fall, Alopecia
• Do not tie your hair till they dry naturally as tying wet hair weakens the roots of the hair.
• Avoid use of styling tools, chemical filled sprays and colours.
• Avoid stress as it is one of the key reasons for hair loss.
• Do not let dandruff continue for long.
Other Useful Tips With Usage OfTUGAIN 10% SOLUTION 60ML

What Are The Tips For Hair fall, Alopecia
• Certain medicines may also cause rapid hair fall. Consult your doctor if you face any such symptom.
• If you are staying in a high pollution area, wash your hair frequently. Instead of using shampoo for hair wash every time, try using powder of gooseberry, soapnut and Acacia continent (Shikakai). Powder of these three ingredients is easily available in grocery shops. Soak 1-1.5 tablespoon of the powder in half glass of water overnight. Sieve it next day morning and wash your hair. A mixture of dried gooseberry, soap nut and Acacia continent (Shikakai) is the best chemical free hair washing agent.

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