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Human Placenta Injection 100mg/Ample


Human Placenta Injection 100mg/Ample

Human Placenta Injection is enriched and refined from healthy placenta with high-technological-and-scientific method. In order to guarantee safety, the placenta used one by one about HBSAG, syphilis, HIV-1/HIV-2 antibody and HCV antibody and only those which are negative are chosen to be put into production.

Human Placenta Injection is a kind of biological preparation. Injection is adopted so that the effective elements may be easily absorbed by the human body. The technology is chosen strictly according to China Biological Product Regulations and the product contains no additive. When the effective element enters the body and begins to work, the aged cells are re-activated, the closed genes regain life and activity. It has been proven by millions of clinics.

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