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ANADROL Depot (Oxydrolone) 50mg/ml x 10ml vial


ANADROL Depot (Oxydrolone) 50mg/ml x 10ml vial

EffectiveDose(Women):can not recommend it

Injectable Anadrol

Anadrol injections have some negative side effects as other anabolic and androgenic steroids have.

From restraining the hormones mainly testosterone, to water preservation problem, the steroid can cause ailing effects on the body lipid profile.

It is also highly poisonous for liver because of DHT, Dihydrotestosterone and 17-alpha-alkylated steroid by nature.

In spite of the side effects Anadrol contains a lot of benefits it is a successful anabolic steroid which is permitted by FDA for human consumption.

It is highly useful for providing treatment to HIV, weak or underdeveloped patients.

And it is also very useful for athletes and bodybuilders because of its stimulating muscle feature.

Making the decision to buy injectable Anadrol or oral tablets is a personal choice, but users of the injectable version suggest greater gains are possible.

Some users decide to take injectable Anadrol over oral Anadrol because they believe insertion directly into the bloodstream means it’s less toxic to the liver.

Using Anadrol Liquid

Anadrol is highly recommended by the athletes and bodybuilders to start the cycle.

It is very famous among the weightlifters that use it before power lifting competition.

It is one of the steroids in which the dose can roll out very quickly. So it is necessary to be careful while taking it.

The increase in the amount of the dose will show less result or gives a complete failure result. For getting the finest result, a dose seem to be 50-150? per day while injectable seem to be 25-50? per day.

In Dan Duchaines book he mentions injectable Adrol being about 3x as strong as oral.

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