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Silliver Tabs Abbott (Silymarin) 200mg 30tabs(Expired Products)


Silliver Tabs Abbott (Silymarin) 200mg 30tabs(Expired Products)

This product have passed over the expiration date.9 / 2018
We sell at a bargain price only towards those who can understand.

The liver has several vital functions to perform in the human body: e.g. it plays a dominant role in metabolism ( sugar, protein and fats) in digestion (bile secretion) and in the detoxification of waste products. Every form of liver damage causes changes in the membranes of the liver cell and in this way impairs the functional capacity of the liver. Silymarin, the active principle of Legalon, is of plant origin it acts as a cell membrane stabiliser and is capable of protecting the liver against deleterious agents and of restoring damaged liver cells to normal. These affects are reflected in improvement in general condition, relief of digestive disorders.

Dosage: You should take each half tablet (100 mg) in the morning, the afternoon and the evening.

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  • Manufactured by: BERLIN PHARM INDUSTRY

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